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Heliopolis Akademeia is an organization for education and bridging cultures. Today foreign languages such as Arabic , Farsi , Korean , and many more are absolutely needed for American National Security. As a scholar and a veteran tenured professor of languages ( French-Arabic-Coptic ) I believe that much of the funds allocated for teaching these languages abroad are wasted . At Heliopolis Akademeia we can provide the same service, even better , for ( Arabic and French in particular -All levels : elementary, intermediate and advanced ) for a fraction of the funds paid to Arabic institutions abroad.At Heliopolis our goals are high, but not unrealistic. Professor G.R. Menes has implemented a very successful Arabic program ( level I & II ) at Community colleges in California ( LACC-TTC – WLA ) but budget cuts and politics are in the way, nonetheless it continues to be a great success


*Bridging cultures

*Defending human rights of minorities

*Educate and help to understand Arabic speaking communities.

* Counseling new arrivals ( legal residents) from abroad how to adjust to the American system What to do & Where to go

* A website ( Heliopolis has been implemented .

* Heliopolis Akademeia is committed to help children and adults who seek help and advice in the American system:

For Children: we provide educational & counseling professional assistance .

For Adults:

Women: Programs available to the family i.e. English classes & where to go

Men & Women with credentials and or education from the original country:Where to go- what to do and how to apply for continuing education – FAFSA ,financial aid , and AA application at Community Colleges .If Graduated :How to apply to take the exams for equivalency.

* Elderly ( Women & Men ) : Help them in the way to adjust to their new home land.

* Any English speaking is helped in  Arabic-French-

* All minorities from any faith or race or ethnicity are welcome . Math,science,and language groups are available pending on the number of students

* Scholars : Academic help is provided to scholars at all levels ( Languages and Cultures/ Arabic,French. speaking world)

* Military and high level of Arabic and French translation and editing and proofreading are provided academically and at the highest academic level . We do believe in technology but we do not use machines to do the academic work .